Our Team

Jado Interactive serves as the umbrella company that owns and operates various platforms and social networks. We believe in providing open communication and interactive means for people to find others with similar interests.



Jason founded Jado Interactive in late 2011 after earning his Bachelor's in Math and Master's in Information Systems and spending years in the web, telecom, finance, and logistics industries as a software engineer.

He enjoys winning multiple consecutive games of Super Puzzle Fighter against his CTO, keeping his company evangelist occupied, and being paranoid about database backups.


Chief Technology Officer

Ai joined Jado Interactive in 2012 after getting recruited by our company evangelist. After graduating from MIT with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and a stint in Finance, she now designs both our software and hardware architectures.

Ai spends her free time learning about architecture, studying building technology, outracing the founder in the annual company swim meets, and taking long walks with our company evangelist.


Company Evangelist

Our company evangelist spreads the word about our various projects and helps us affirm our commitment to our users. He boosts team morale and company goodwill through his superior public relations skills and team building leadership. Unfortunately, we neglected to include damage control as part of his contract. We still regret that oversight to this day.

Contact Us

Please direct DMCA requests to our legal team at [email protected].

Advertising inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

Questions or suggestions about any of our websites can be forwarded to [email protected].